How to use hair serum for getting silky, shine hair & prevent hair fall and breakage (Proven Guide 2022)

How To Use Hair Serum

Hair serum is mainly a liquid that prevents hair fall, makes your hair shiny, manageable, and silky. Hair serum basically works as a shield against the outside dust and pollutants which eventually helps to make your hair shiny, straight, and silky.

Nowadays, the main reason for hair fall is also this polluted environment where serum can work as a blessing for your hair. So, to get the maximum benefit out of it, it is obligatory to know the procedure of using it and also selecting the right products that perfectly suit you. One wrong step of selecting or applying products can defeat the entire purpose.

Besides, among many products, it is also necessary to select the right product according to the size and quality of your hair. So here you will get to know the answers with empirical evidence of all possible FAQ, the right way to using it, the best products according to the nature of your hair and also there is going to be a surprise for you if you are looking for completely natural products made by your own hand. After going through this entire article you can choose by yourself which hair serum is made for you.

What is hair serum?

Hair serum is a silicon-based liquid that creates a protective layer around the hair. Hair serum consist of many important ingredients mainly includes natural elements like Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, vitamin E, Keratin which is considered the most important nutrition for hair.

That is why in this era, Hair serum has become so much popular as Hair expert also believes it as the one and only natural treatment to give your hair a perfect look. It creates a barrier against dirt and dust and gives hair a shiny look. Besides, it helps to prevent hair breakage and fizziness.

Hair serum makes your hair smooth, shiny and gives your hair a fine texture. Most importantly, it prevents your hair from any sort of knotting and tangling.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Hair Serum

Controlling frizz

If you have weak and damaged hair, then serum works like a magic for you. Basically the silicon particles in serum help to prevent your hair from frizzing. Also, the hydrolyzed protein in some of the serum helps to fight frizziness.

Frizz free hair helps to boost your personality. But frizzy and damaged hair is the common problem nowadays. If you wanna a frizz free, shiny and silky hair look you should learn the reasons of having frizziness and how to tame and remove it.

Our experts find out some best anti frizz serums for you which will definitely provide you sheeny, smoothy and frizz free hair look.

Making shiny

Hair serum gives your hair an instant shiny look. Also, some serum contains some sorts of silicon which can reflect light than can help you to have a sharp look.

Straightening hair

According to the hair nature, Hair experts classified the hair into 4 main categories: – Straight, Wavy, Curly and Coily. So, there are many serums available in the market based on your hair type.

Removes Dandruff

Some hair serum contains curds that help to remove dandruff naturally. Besides, aloe Vera also helps to control the pH level of your scalp.

Protection against damage and UV protection

As hair serum creates a layer in your hair, so it helps you to a great extent to prevent all dust, dirt, and pollutant. Now in this polluted environment, it is becoming a common shield to protect your hair from getting damaged. Besides, other damages like chemical damage due to coloring or straightening your hair, heat damage from blow-drying, and damages due to repeated hair styling or using different hair products like hair gel, oil, and other chemical ingredients.

Is hair serum good for your hair?

Of course, it is. But if the product with suitable ingredients is chosen carefully as per the need of your hair condition. And this is the entire article is about to help you choose the perfect hair serum according to your hair serum so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it without facing any side effects. Different hair serums are enriched with different essential components which are work as the most important nutrition for your hair. Various components of Hair serum performs several functions like keratin treats wonderfully the hair breakage, serum with argon, jojoba oil treat like magic for your curly hair, etc.

Disadvantages of hair serum

Hair is the one of the most attractive part of you. So surely you might not want to cause any harm to it. So, it is very important to be aware of using hair serum or else you might have to suffer in the long run.

Side Effects of using hair serum

  • Too much of using hair serum makes your hair look oily and it might also cause hair breakage.
  • Regular use of hair serum may cause hair fall and sometimes may lead to dry and unhealthy hair. Besides, it may weaken the root of your hair.
  • Among many categories of hair serum, it is not necessary all types of hair serum will suit your hair properly. Random use of hair serum may lead to damage to your hair.
  • As Serum contains silicone so sometimes it may cause allergic problems to a few people thought it is much rare.

Recommendations based on side effects of hair serum

I would suggest using hair serum based on your hair nature and type. As I have told you, necessarily not all types of hair serum would adjust on your hair. So as per length the proper amount of hair serum has mentioned here as per Hair expert recommendations.

Hair experts strongly suggest not using hair serum regularly that’s what I have also mentioned here along with the harmful benefits of regular usage.

Another important suggestion I would like to add, before going to continue using hair serum after the first week of application, you can keep an eye on whether you are facing any sort of allergy or rashes in your scalp or skin. Though it’s a rare bird for safety precautions you can adopt this safety net.

What is the difference between hair serum and hair oil?

Unlike hair oil, you will get endless benefits from hair serum. Serum treats your hair by inserting it into the follicles and roots of your hair. It contains amino acids which work wonderfully for your hair by preventing hair breakage and moisture to every strand of your hair. Besides, the liquid nature of your serum provides lubricants to your hair that make your hair look shiny. On the other hand, hair oil cannot perform simultaneous functions like a hair serum. It mainly works well for making your hair soft, hydrated and also reduces fizz to a certain level. But to give your hair an overall treatment, by no means hair oil can be an alternative to hair serum.

Does hair serum cause hair fall?

Too much application of hair serum can cause hair fall. Moreover, it is also useful to know the proper ingredients to use according to the nature of the hair. Besides, applying serum on the scalp can make your hair look oily. So, you have to be very cautious to know ins and outs about hair serum before applying it. If hair serum application execute properly then it can promote hair growth. It can augment circulation and can help you get rid of toxins and debris from the follicle to boost up your hair growth.  

When to use hair serum

Well, it is the most common question faced by me about the perfect timing of using hair serum for getting the best result. The most interesting part is that you can actually use it before and after a shower. But I will recommend using it after a shower. Well, it is actually best to use after a shower because after taking shower all of the dust, oil, pollutant, and dirt will be removed. So that’s why it helps to stay on purpose. So, make sure to thoroughly shampoo your hair follow up with a conditioner. You can visit the link to check out the best shampoo & conditioner to use according to the nature and texture of your hair for avoiding any sorts of side effects.

Well, after shower use serum on towel-dried or damp hair.

How to choose the right serum for men and women

There is no gainsaying the fact that serum has many benefits for your hair. But it does not necessarily mean that all serum suits equally on your hair. In fact, a few people are aware of the fact which serum is best for their hair. Here, I highlight the fact that which properties or ingredients you should look for in serum on the basis of the nature of your hair.

Choosing Right serum for men and women according to the type and nature of hair

Hair Serum for repairing hair breakage

Preventing hair breakage is one of the most effective functions done by hair serum. Hair breakage mainly influenced by split ends. According to research, hair breakage is classified into 2 categories: i) short hair breakage (less than 1.27cm) ii) longer segment breakage. As mentioned before, it is important to know the perfect serum type for you to get the best benefit. The serum contains a lot of ingredients that vary according to the serum. For preventing hair breakage, a Hair expert recommends you have to look for the Keratin in serum. Keratin works effectively for preventing your most annoying problem.

Question May Arise

Is hair breakage permanent?

Hair breakage is not permanent. You can repair your hair serum which consists of Keratin and also you can go for DIY.

Does broken hair grow back?

Broken hair never grows back.  You have to wait till your broken hair die and started growing back again. But further you have to careful when your new hair grow back to treat it carefully and protect it from any sort of pollutants and dust.

What does damage hair look like?

Damage hair looks like pail and take a straw like look. It seems to be dry and lifeless. If you brush your hair then you will feel stiff and crunch. That time your hair needs rest and proper nutrition to give your hair a new life.

How can I repair my damaged hair fast at home?

You can use Tulsi leaves, Aloe vera Gel, Curry leaves and Almonds oil right after blending after taking right proportion. All the instructions regarding what amount to take, how to apply have mentioned properly for you.

Hair serum for dry hair

Nowadays dry hair has become a common issue due to our rough environment and weather. So, in the case of treating the right hair, there is a new option in serum for you. In such a case, you have to go for the cream-based serum instead of oily serum. Or else keeping these things for a long time will make you oily instead of moisturizing it. You can now use that serum before your sleep and keep that serum overnight. After finishing your beauty sleep guess what? You wake up with completely shiny nourished hair.

dry hair • How to use hair serum for getting silky, shine hair & prevent hair fall and breakage (Proven Guide 2022)

Question May Arise

Can we apply serum on dry hair?

I recommend using hair serum directly on dry hair. You can directly use hair serum before or after shower. But to get the best results, definitely it is important to treat the serum which is concerned for dryness or heat damage.

Can you use hair serum on your scalp?

Of course, No. A very few people are concerned about it. I would recommend applying hair serum on the hair ends. You will get the proper idea in this article exactly how to use hair serum on hair.

Can I apply hair serum at night?

The application of hair serum on dry and rough hair makes your hair look moist. I would recommend if you do not want to make your hair look oily then you can avoid using it in the day time. You can leave your serum overnight but of course, avoid using hair scalp.

Can we use hair serum daily?

Well, I have faced those questions many times from users, and even when I started using it the very first question that popped up on my head is that should I use hair serum regularly.

According to hair experts, you should not use hair serum daily.

I have mentioned in this article, you should wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner before applying hair serum to get the best result. So, use hair serum on special days and when you wash your hair.

Let Your curly hair gives a new life

I have seen curly hair to be their headache for many people including me. But now it has not the same as Hair serum works as instant magic for any type of curly hair. There is no denying the fact that your curly hair needs more attention from you. This is such a case that can only be realized by us with curly hair.

let your curly hair gives a new life • How to use hair serum for getting silky, shine hair & prevent hair fall and breakage (Proven Guide 2022)

According to Leigh Hardges, 15 years experienced professional hair stylist in Mexican Saloon in Chicago said that as the scalp’s follicles which help to base the strand are flat. So it basically makes the hair curl when it grows.

I love my hair for no doubt but sometimes I want to do freestyling to give myself a sharp and different look. Moreover, curly hair tends to be getting fizzier and also hard to manage. According to the dermatologist, Hispanic hair (curly hair) is really very sensitive and requires more moisturizer.  So, the best serum to choose to treat your curly hair is the serum contains intense moisturizing property like jojoba, argan and sweet almonds. Sweet almonds are enriched with vitamin E which will help you to prevent hair breakage that is also one of the major concerns for curly hair. This property bases serum gives your hair a bouncy and shiny look and gives a new life to your hair.

Question may arise

Does serum help curly hair?

Definitely, it does help to treat curly hair. As I also have intense curly hair so I can feel the importance of treating hair carefully. Our major challenges in terms of curly hair are freestyling hair breakage and hair fall. So I would recommend using hair serum that contains Moisturising properties like jojoba, argan, and sweet almonds which are proven to treat magically for curly hair.

 Is serum good for curly hair?

Our curly hair requires much moisture and hydration which is hard to secrete that much oil naturally by our scalp to moisture our curly hair. For this reason, the serum helps us to help in treating curly hair cause some serum consists rice amino acid, avocado oil which has scientifically proven potentialities to retain moisture in your curly hair and also helps to prevent frizz and damage.

Which product is best for curly hair?

 For treating your curly hair you must have to look for the serum which contains moisturizing property. For instance, hair serum contains argan, jojoba, sweet almonds are potential for providing hydration to your curly hair. Besides, for hair growth of curly hair, you can go for castor oil, shea butter, and other instances.

Hair serum for treating coloured hair

Who does not love colouring the hair? Mainly who seeks to give them a new look added a trendy fashionable look colouring the hair can be a nice solution. But Coloured hair may severely damage your hair. You might face breakage, hair fall or some allergic problems or rashes to your skin or scalp. The most common issues with coloured hair are that it leaves the hair extremely dry and dull. I would recommend, Those who have coloured their hair or undertaken other chemically exposed method, they can choose hair serum which is light weighted cream based. Besides, they should look for the moisturizing ingredients Jojoba oil and green tea, almond oil, argan and coconut oil. It will supply proper nutrition to your coloured hair to protect it from any side effects or damage. For instance, Argan oil contains mainly fatty acid, oleic acid and also enriched with Vitamin E. So it is not only preventing dizziness and dryness but also triggers up shininess.

hair serum for treating coloured hair • How to use hair serum for getting silky, shine hair & prevent hair fall and breakage (Proven Guide 2022)

Question may arise

Can I use hair serum on coloured hair?

Of course you can use colour hair just like you use shampoo and conditioner. But you must have to check the level of your hair serum before using it in your coloured hair.

Which type of serum is best for coloured hair?

You have to go for lightweight serum for using it in your coloured hair. As you have known already, silicone is the core element in hair serum but in case of treating coloured hair to fight the dry and dull state of your hair you need more than that. You have to look for the moisturising element to get the best result out of it. Oil like Jojoba oil, vitamin E can be treated like wonder as moisturising property.

According to Dr. Durkin, Jojoba oil is the most potent moisturizer as it can act like skin’s natural oil. Besides, you can also go for cream-based hair serum for treating your colored hair.

say goodbye to frizzy hair • How to use hair serum for getting silky, shine hair & prevent hair fall and breakage (Proven Guide 2022)

Hair serum for nourishing thick and textured hair

Your thick textured hair calls for extra hydration. In that case, you need a hard serum that will provide that required hydration to your thick and textured hair. You should look for hair serum contains Moroccan oils and argan to give your thick hair a healthy and shiny look.

How to use hair serum for men and women

There is a common formula for both men and women to use hair serum is to avoid your scalp and don’t take too much of serum. Because it makes your hair look oily and also it may weaken your root of the hair. So it is essential firstly to wash your hair properly with shampoo and conditioner then follow the prescribed guidelines after taking proper quantity and then comb your hair properly.

  • How much serum should you use on your hair?
  • How to use hair serum for Dry, Curly, and other hair types
  • How to brush your hair after applying

How much serum should you use on hair

This part is actually very important to know because I have seen in many cases people mistakenly use more amount than it is actually required. Some people also think using more than the required amount helps them to get faster benefits. The irony is that using more serum will make your hair extra oily, create irritation and breakouts. So, the Hair expert suggests the following amount according to the length that is given below for you to select the perfect amount according to your size.

Hair LengthHair DensityQuantity
Long LengthThick or Thin5-7 drops
Mid LengthThick4-5 drops
Mid LengthThin2-3 drops
Small LengthThick1-2 drops

How to use hair serum for dry, fizzy, curly and other hair types

It is better for not going to the way of trial and error method especially in dealing with sensitive case like hair. For everyone, hair is one of the most vital organs to enhance our outer beauty that instigates us to treat our hair properly knowing the right methods. So keeping these things in mind, from selecting product base on ingredient to the amount to use all are mentioned clearly before. Now let us come to the point directly how to use hair serum for men and women to treat dry, curly and other hair types.

Step 1: After taking serum on your palm according to your hair length, mix it well for 5-6 seconds.

Step 2: Section your hair into many parts.

Step 3: Apply it on each section of your hair little by little softly and comfortably. Sectioning your hair mainly helps you to apply hair serum on each part of your hair properly.

Step 4: Start using serum from tips and then go upwards.

Step 5: Do not go beyond your mid-section by any means. Never use the serum on your roots. Because it might make your hair looks oily and greasy.

Step 6: Massage it on the tips well to prevent hair breakage. 

Step 7: Then in the case of mid or long hair, take all of your hair back then with 1-2 drops apply it gently on your hair for giving it a perfect finishing so that no space of your hair left unused.

Precaution while using it

  • Don’t use too much of the product as it might look your hair very oily, greasy, and limp.
  • Avoid using in the root of your hair.

How to brush your hair after applying

  • Brush gently to remove any knots or tangles so that you can make your perfectly straight.
  • Don’t brush your hair from upwards what we generally do to brush our hair. Instead, brush the tip of your property then you can go for brushing your hair from upwards to the rest of your hair.
  • You can blow dry your hair after brushing. It helps you to get rid of any particles or dust if somehow it remains on your hair.

Pro Tips: How to get shiny, soft hair and promote hair growth using this DIY hair serum and see results within 15 days (2 methods)


  • Rose Petals
  • Lemon
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Olive Oil
  • Vitamin E capsule
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Coconut oil

Benefits of Ingredients

  • Coconut Oil: According to research, coconut oil has clinically proven nutrition to promote hair growth. Besides, it works for reducing hair fall.
  • Rose Water: Dehydrates dry hair
  • Vitamin E oil: Add instant shine
  • Rosemary Essential Oil: Leave-in conditioner.

Step by step guide to prepare DIY hair serum within 2 minutes

Many of us prefer not to use any chemical products in our hair. They rather go for completely natural products made with their bare hand. The most interesting part of this article is that I mentioned all the organic and natural products as per the suggestion of the user and Hair experts to get the max benefit out of it. So, let’s hope in the step-by-step guide to prepare DIY hair serum just in 2 minutes. 

DIY Hair Serum to treat your dull and dry hair

So, only within 15 days coming up with shiny and moisturised might seem to be a herculean task. But here you will get complete step by step guide to make DIY hair serum only in 2 minutes to treat your hair for getting a shiny new look.  

Step 1: Pour one cup of water in your pan.

Step 2: Then give some rose petals and few sliced lemons in that pan. Then boil it till it gets half.

Step 3: After it gets cools down, filter it with a strainer to catch the unnecessary particles and pour this lemon and rose water solution in a small bowel.

Step 4: Then in a blender, pour 7-8 spoons of aloe Vera gel and 2 spoons of olive oil. You can also use coconut oil instead of olive oil as per as your choice.

Step 5: Add 4-5 spoons of rose and lemon water solution in that blender with those mixture.

Step 6: Now Add two vitamin E capsule extract.

Step 7: Add 4-5 drops of lemongrass essential oil.

Step 8: Last but not least, blend all those mixtures and your hair serum is ready.

Where to store

You can store it any spray bottles for 15-20 days. Most fun fact is that you can also use it in your body for removing the dullness.

DIY Hair Serum to reduce hair fizz


  • Green tea 2 tablespoons
  • Yogurt 4 Tablespoon
  • Argan Oil 1 tablespoon
  • Vitamin E Oil ½ tablespoon

Benefits of Ingredients

  • Green tea: Reverses Hair Damage
  • Argan Oil and Vitamin E Oil: Helps reduce frizz
  • Yogurt: Provides Protein Required for Hair Growth

Procedure to use DIY Hair serum to reduce hair fizz

Blend all the mixture together in a bowel. Then apply it gently on your hair starting from the tip of your hair. Then again begin from the upwards to downwards.

DIY Hair Serum to reduce breakage


  • Tulsi Leaves
  • Aloe vera Gel 1 tablespoon
  • Almond Oil 1 tablespoon
  • Curry Leaves

Benefits of Ingredients

  • Curry Leaves: Aids in Hair Strength
  • Tulsi Leaves: Prevents Hair Loss
  • Almonds Oils: Softens Hair Texture

Procedure to use DIY Hair Serum to reduce breakage

Massage softly in your dry hair. Massage into this properly. Apply it in the end of the hair where you feel your hair driest.

DIY Hair Serum to have shiny hair


  • 4 tbsp of rice water
  • 4 tbsp of jojoba oil
  • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil

Benefits of Ingredients

  • Rice water and Jojoba Oil have moisturizing properties and non-greasy formulas.
  • Peppermint oil is a lightweight oil which is mainly treating the scalp.

Top 5 BONUS tips and tricks

to apply hair serum for boys and girls to impress everyone with your amazing hairstyle

Well, you might be wonder to think that how can serum make you look so perfect that your friends would get jealous out of it. If you know these hacks, then it will give your hair a good finishing like you just comes out of the parlor. If you like street shopping or go-getter-type people in case of field trips or visits or you have to stay outside much time then there is a greater possibility of your hair breakage or damage. The more you will be exposed to the dirt and pollutant; there will be much greater the chance to damage your styling. So, here are some quick tips and tricks to apply serum perfectly so that you can apply your hair serum effectively to protect your hair from any sort of damage and give yourself an amazing styling to your hair.Firstly after taking serum in your palms, try to spread this serum on every side of your palms with your other hand especially on the side of your palms you are going to touch your hair to apply the hair serum.

In the case of applying, it is better to target the end part then go beyond the med section towards downwards. Of course, ignore the root portion fully.

After taking serum in your palms, rub it for a minute at least. It will help you to liquefy the serum in your hand with the help of the produced heat from the rubbed hands.

Use a metal comb instead of a plastic comb. Because plastic comb is supposed to collect a lot of static that will instigate to fizz out your hair even more. So using a metal comb is much more preferable.

In case of giving instant hairstyle and prevent from fizzing out, choose a serum that is enriched with Vitamin E and of course non-sticky. Then apply it in your rough part softly and then comb it properly as per the procedure given above. It will give your hair a silky and shiny look.

Does serum glow skin? Spend 10 minutes here to know How To Apply Serum On Face Properly 2021 in The Correct Order.

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