What does hyaluronic acid do for the skin? Surprising Benefits + Side Effects (Correct Overview 2022)

What does hyaluronic acid do for skin?

When our skin produces less collagen and becomes dehydrated, we may experience drooping and sagging skin which breaks down our skin texture. Wrinkles, fine lines, and dehydration are increased with your age just because of lacking water and protein in your face.

Eventually, your skin lost luminosity and looks awkward day by day. So what should you do with your skin? Don’t worry, incorporate humectant in your beauty routine. Humectant means retaining or preserving moisture. Hyaluronic acid is one kind of humectant that helps to draw water into your skin from the air.

Hyaluronic acid has the anti-aging property since it helps to plump and soften your skin and provides a healthy appearance in your skin. This ingredient is most trendy in cosmetics and has been included in so many beauty products.

If you already have saggy skin and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is noticeable, you can get dermal filler i.e you can get hyaluronic acid into your skin through injection. Because hyaluronic acid can be pushed through injection, it is injectable. Dermal filler is now trendy among all ages of people. If you use Dermal filler once, it will wonder you.

Get all facts about hyaluronic acid and dermal filler from this article with all possible FAQs and don’t forget to get some special tips at the bottom of the article, if you are going to use HA.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is one kind of substance produced naturally in your body. The largest amount of it is found in your skin, eyes, and joints. It can be found in the name of sodium hyaluronate which is derived from HA by extracting the salt of hyaluronic acid. For that reason, sodium hyaluronate is much more concentrated. By the way, don’t be afraid by hearing acid name, it’s not going to exfoliate the upper layer of your skin. It will hydrate your skin and create an aqueous veil that makes your skin less wrinkle and fine line.

Hyaluronic acid helps to improve your tissue, heals your skin wound, protects your skin from free radical damage. It takes the moisture from the air and draws it into your skin and makes your skin hydrated and plump. It can be found in three formulas, in cream, in serum, in injection. It is one of the most powerful humectants made by rooster combs and now certain strains of bacteria with various molecule sizes. Hyaluronic acid looks like jelly and squishy. It has the ability to bind a large number of water molecules, in that sense, it is very powerful to hydrate your skin. But there is a little bit problematic since it is very weighty, it can’t penetrate into the deeper layer of your skin. So sad, worried? Don’t worry there is a solution.

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Now, most of the company produces it 2 to 5 different weights of molecules to be absorbed it by the different depth of your skin. The low molecular weight penetrates into the deeper layer of your dermis and the high molecular weight seeps into the upper layer of the epidermis.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid for face

Benefits of hyaluronic acid

As you know, hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in your body. But with time the production of this acid can be declined in your late 20s just like collagen and elastin that may cause droopiness, sagginess, and dullness in your skin. Thus you look older than your actual age. Seriously! Don’t be panicked, incorporating one active ingredient can regain your plumpy skin, luminosity, viscosity and helps to heal skin laxity, droopiness, sagginess, and dullness. Lots of benefits of hyaluronic acid for the face you will get if you can use it moderately and properly mentioned below.

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Reduces sensitivity or allergic reaction

Hyaluronic acid is very gentle, calm, and effective for all skin types. It reduces the chance of skin sensitivity and allergic reaction by applying it in a proper dimension.

Stop signs of aging

As you get older, your skin fails to produce hyaluronic acid naturally which makes your skin parched, chapped, flaky. Hyaluronic acid gets the water from the air and draws it into your skin. The best feature of this ingredient is to hold the moisture level and thus it heals your wrinkles, fine lines and helps to rejuvenate your skin, and finally makes your skin soft and glow.

Anti Aging Ingredients

Inhibits excessive oil production in skin

Most of the beauty concern thinks that HA increases the moisture level of the skin so don’t need to apply it on oily skin. But the fact is that when your skin gets dehydrated for want of hyaluronic acid, your epidermis layer produces excessive oil to make it balance. So HA helps to balance oil production by making your skin hydrating. At the same time, it is good for those who are suffering from rosacea, eczema, and acne.

Wound healing property

Research says hyaluronic acid has the power of dermal filler and wound healing. It helps to hold your moisture and also helps to regenerate new skin cells, especially, in the area of skin volume loss. Also helps to heal skin inflammation and regulate tissue repair.

HA is injectable

A study in 2020 demonstrated that Hyaluronic acid works well as filler and it is safe. It adds volume in the area of cheeks and lips as skin loses its volume naturally over time.

“In dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid presents as a gel-like product, once injected, attracts water to regenerate volume and recreate lost structure,” explains Shereen Idriss, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City.

how common are side effects from hyaluronic fillers

Filler can be dissolved within a few minutes

If you want to go through the injection process for the dermal filler, you can. But the most important thing is that it is reversible. After applying filler if you feel any kind of problems like blood vessel blocked or didn’t get any result so you can dissolve it within a few minutes by your dermatologist.

Fast absorbing property

Hyaluronic acid is absorbed so fastly by the skin since it is produced with different molecule sizes. The lower molecule can penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin and the higher molecules can be absorbed by the upper layer. Most of the companies make HA with 2 to 5 different molecule sizes to be absorbed by all layers of the skin. 

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Remove dryness and make your skin hydrate

HA plays an important role in dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin can be so chapped, and flaky. Hyaluronic acid takes the water from the air and draws it into your skin. Thus, it removes dryness and makes your skin hydrated.

Helps to penetrate active ingredients into the deepest layer

Hyaluronic acid increases penetration of active ingredients like Retinol, Ascorbic acid, Niacinamide into the deepest layer of the skin.

you may also ask

Why is hyaluronic acid good for your face?

Hyaluronic acid has the quality to draw the water from the air and draws it into your skin. Thus, it makes your skin hydrated and disappears your wrinkles, fine lines. It creates an aqueous veil on your upper layer if you properly apply it.

Is it safe to use hyaluronic acid daily?

Yes, you can go with this daily if the humidity is more than 50% or approximately 50%. If the humidity is less than that or you are a new user start it with 3 days per week. It is better to apply it with mist, damp skin. Otherwise, it may behave reverse.

What are the side effects of hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is skin-friendly, gentle, and effective for all skin types. But it causes side effects too if you are unable to apply it properly. It causes redness, dryness, itching. Make sure to use it with your damp skin to avoid side effects.

Does hyaluronic acid remove dark spots?

This active ingredient is not a specialist in removing dark spots. Basically, it makes your skin plump and pillowy and hydrates your skin. Removing dark spots from the hydrating face is easy and this is the advantage you may get.

Does hyaluronic acid brighten skin?

Not actually, it provides you actual natural look by hydrating your skin. It makes your skin plump and smooth. It revitalizes your skin and for that reason, you look bright naturally which is the most important key in the beauty world. 

skincare routine

Hyaluronic acid before and after

Among all beauty ingredients, Hyaluronic acid can be your first choice just because of its hydrating power. It makes your skin plump and pillowy by drawing water from the air. Wait, what if your weather is so dry like desert? So how HA can take the water from the air or weather and draw it into your deepest layer? Seriously, don’t worry. Whatever it can be moist and dry in all condition you can apply it, but should correctly apply it. Otherwise, it can come in your skin with different forms like irritation, dryness, and burning sensation.

Cleansing your face

The very first thing is to cleanse your face or remove the makeup that you already have but be very gentle with your face, don’t need to exfoliate your skin while using it. HA can’t penetrate into your deepest layer if your pores remain clogged or full of makeup. So wash it up at first and let HA be absorbed correctly. It is better to use a tissue or milk cleanser if you are in the makeup look.

Do spray 

After cleansing your face, use a product that holds a ton of water in one mist like pure glow mist. Spray all over your face and let your face wet. Do you know why do you wet your skin? The fact is that whenever you apply HA in dry air or dehydrated skin, it takes the water from the deepest layer of your skin, not from the air since the air is dry.

Apply Hyaluronic acid

Now immediately apply hyaluronic acid above the skin with full of mist. Now HA will take water from the mist and your dermis layer will never be dried anymore. And you shouldn’t be worried about dry air or dry skin condition. Basically, HA can be applied in all skin types whatever it can be dry, oily, and sensitive.

Mist or wet your face again

After applying HA, apply spray all over your face again. I strongly recommend you use spray again.

Use moisturizer

Now apply a noncomedogenic, humectant, and well-branded moisturizer after applying HA to lock moisturizer. If you really want to enhance your moisturization level up so you can use elixir oil with moisturizer. But if the humidity is more than 50% so you can avoid oil, but it is good to use moisturizer even staying in more than 50% humidity. Get the best moisturizer that really works with hyaluronic acid and shows no irritation.

you may also ask

Can you put too much hyaluronic acid on your face?

No, HA has the property to absorb water from the air and draws it into your skin. But if the humidity is less than 50%, then it starts taking water from your dermal and epidermal layer rather than taking water from the air and makes your skin dry and dehydrated.

If you don’t have any idea about how to use face serum and choose the right serum according to skin condition, you may read it

Which is better for wrinkles retinol or hyaluronic acid?

Both are good for healing wrinkles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid makes your skin hydrated, plump, and smooth without exfoliating your skin while retinol helps to stimulate collagen production by exfoliating your skin. If you little bit scare about an exfoliant, so you can go with HA.

Retinol is an outstanding and trendy ingredient basically works for acne but now so much science has been included. It helps to speedy skin cell turnover. To know more you may read it.

Can hyaluronic acid burn your skin?

Sometimes this can irritate and make your skin dry if you can’t use it properly. If you apply it with your dry skin rather than applying it to your damp skin, this may cause this kind of problem. Apply mist or spray before and after (two times) applying HA and then moisturizer to avoid any irritation, dryness, and burning.

Can you use hyaluronic acid under eyes?

Better not to use it. You can use oil underneath the eyes. The hydration level is not so good underneath the eyes. Since HA works like a magnet of water, it may pull the rest of the water from around your eyes and makes it dehydrated.

Should I use hyaluronic acid in the morning or night?

I must recommend you apply hyaluronic acid during the daytime. At night your skin automatically produces HA. So let your skin produce natural HA at night. You can make a combination between HA and vitamin c. Apply HA during the day and vitamin c at night.

Read deeply about vitamin c, what actually vitamin c does for skin and what ingredients you can mix with vitamin c.   

Should I use moisturizer after hyaluronic acid?

Yes, you should. Especially if the humidity is less than 50% you must use moisturizer. Since HA is a water magnet, it absorbs water from the dermis and epidermis layer of your skin. So it’s better to apply water or mist before and after applying HA and then moisturizer to avoid dryness and irritation. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid can be penetrated into your skin in the form of an injectable. Dermatologists use basically fillers. They use this basically in intradermal or in hypodermis which penetrates into the layer and attracts all the water to reproduce skin volume, revitalize your skin, and make your skin firm and plump.

Different types of fillers you may get like Juvederm, Restylane which have subgroups like Juvederm has Voluma and Volbella. These fillers can vary with different sizes of the formulas and they vary in longevity, density, and lift-ability. Since these fillers have different properties so you should pick the right one obeying the dermatologist. Actually, it is very much important to choose the right one to get the best result.

safest filler for face

you may also ask

Is hyaluronic acid fillers bad for you?

It can be bad for your skin if you apply it with the wrong hands (inexpert dermatologist). Dermal filler can cause infection, death of skin cells, allergic reaction and swelling. But it is safe and effective with the right hands (experienced dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon).

What is the safest filler for face?

Juvederm is the safest filler that can be injected into the face according to FDA. The other version of Juvederm like Juvederm ultra 2, 3, and 4 are not secured for the skin. This ultra-version is not approved by the FDA.

How long do hyaluronic acid fillers last?

Hyaluronic acid fillers can be last between 6 -12 months according to AAFE. Basically, it adds the volume in the area of skin volume loss makes your skin hydrated and plump. It is also used for lip augmentation.

At what age should you get fillers?

Your skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid till 25 to 26 abundantly or roughly. After that, it goes decreases gradually. So 25 to 30 is the right time to get the fillers if you feel a lack of moisture in your skin.

Hyaluronic acid serum

Hyaluronic acid serum means serum that contains the hyaluronic acid ingredient. As you know serums are the concentrations of active ingredients like retinoid, hyaluronic acid, AHAs, BHAs, Vitamin C, niacinamide, hydroquinone. It is better to use a serum that contains 2% – 4% hyaluronic acid.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid and vitamin c

The combination of vitamin c and hyaluronic acid makes you look younger. They help to protect your skin from free radical damage and stimulate collagen production.

Most of the company for example serum combine these two active ingredients. These two active ingredients are highly popular over the past few years among the beauty concern because of their outstanding result and effectiveness.

But before going to use this combination or serum you should check out the concentration level of each active ingredient. The concentration of vitamin c can be at most 10%-20% and hyaluronic acid should be 2% to 4%. But most of the time this combination may cause irritation, acne for the new user since some cosmetic products contain a high level of silicon.

So I will suggest you sparingly use it or discontinue it if you feel any problem. But better let your skin tolerate this product or serum at first by applying it sparingly.

hyaluronic acid skin care

What does hyaluronic acid do for skin?

Well, now let’s consider what does hyaluronic acid do for skin one last time.

  • Inhibits excessive oil production in your skin
  • It helps to boost hydration level within your skin
  • Heals your wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and removes dullness.
  • Makes your skin plump, healthy, glossy
  • Reduces the possibility of having acne
  • Helps to heal wound speedily
  • It adds volume especially, in the area of volume loss by using filler.
  • Reduces the chances of any sensitivity or allergic reaction by properly applying it.

Now it’s time to get special tips

What should do

  • Apply spray that contains tons of water in its one molecule before applying HA and use it again after applying HA.
  • Must use moisturizer and oil after applying HA if your atmosphere is extremely dry.
  • Drink plenty of water to make your skin hydrated naturally.

What should not do

  • Never apply HA with your extremely dry skin, damp skin is most important while using HA.
  • Don’t rub with scrub and exfoliate your skin too much. Be gentle with your skin always
  • Don’t use foaming face wash while using it.


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